>Points of View….

>One of the things I’m asked most often about The Questioning Way is whether or not it’s a book of poetry. The answer is no, it has a poem at the beginning of every chapter but most of the book is prose. The poetry used in the book is what I usually show people when they ask about The Questioning Way, because it’s the quickest, and most satisfying way I can think of to briefly tell someone about the views expressed in the book. In a society that has become accustomed to getting information in sound bites on television, and as short bursts of text on venues such as twitter, poetry is becoming one of the most poignant and effective ways express a point of view in a very brief manner. Some people think of cutesy rhymes when someone mentions poetry, but I believe well written poetry is all about conveying ideas about every facet of modern life in a way that not only expresses points of view but the emotions propelling those points of view as well.

>Thank You…


This month Thequestioningway.com reached the milestone of welcoming 140,000 visitors since coming online in Jan 2009. People from all over the world including readers from Europe, Asia, India, Japan and Australia have shown an interest in the book. Response has been outstanding, and I’d like to thank everyone who has come by the website to read about The Questioning Way and purchase a copy for themselves. As an author, I’ve long felt something is not worth writing unless you can put your heart and soul into it. The Questioning Way, although its is not a long work, too several years to write. Now that it’s in print I’m happy to say that in all likelihood it will be available to read for many years to come. Thanks once again for your support and kind words of encouragement.
You all have a very good day
Dewey Dirks

>Love is….

>Love means letting your children pretend to be whomever they want to pretend to be. It means kicking them in the ass when they need a kick. It means kissing them when they need a kiss. It means fixing whatever is broken when they can’t fix it themselves. It means letting them go out into the world to seek their fortune when they grow up. Don’t worry, they’ll call all the time and come by to visit when they can