These next two posts are about the same woman.  The first shows her when she’s around  twenty-four years old and a very wild young woman.  The second is about her twenty years later when she is in her forties


Rock & roll lady, rock & roll classy
rock & roll ride
She’s a little too pretty
a little too sassy
a little too easy with her time
Got a blond haired boy in her pocket
two boys in her purse
and another on the telephone line

She’s always been part of the music
her soul, pieces of a dozen songs
looking down the years
swaying to the rhythm of the lines
she’s said ‘I love you’ to thirty steely eyes
embraced passion and saw it in the melody every time

She tells little white lies
just to keep the world alive
and she hides like a child sometimes
but the song forever rolls
with a beat strong, insistent & true
where guitar’s rebel like a sharp edged tool
while bass notes weave smoky blue doubts
and the music makes strong men fools

Each night I move over her body
and do what I want with my time
I can touch the music, caress a lullaby
but lyrics are fleeting shadows
the song, a secret question
hidden in the sparkle of turquoise eyes

Dewey Dirks copyright 1992
For Elaine

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