Buzzard Breath—-

….This poem goes to prove you can never take life too not seriously…or is it too not unseroiusly not….;)

Buzzard Breath

Lord it’s hot up here today

an’ all this smog

from yonder city

is flat out chokin’ me

Lookit that car down there!

man is he goin’ fast!

maybe he’ll run a rabbit down

an’ I’ll have sumthin’ to eat

Oh no! here comes Hank!

he’s that asshole from Death Valley

an’ I’d bet a dead rattlesnake

he thinks he’s gonna bum some food from me

Hell, if birds had teeth

that sucker’d steal yer tail

while he was smilin’ at yer beak

Well hullo there Hank!

howzitgoin ya ole scavenger!

long time no see! Oh I’m jist fine

What’s that? Nope nuthin’s bin kilt off yet

not even a horny toad

What? Yer leavin’ already?

nice seein’ ya Hank, fly by more offin’!

taker’ easy an’ have a good thermal!

Well, there he goes…

I hope he flies into a 747

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


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