Social Question

Social Question

Living is a question I daily ask
Each morning I wake,
Get something to drink
And ponder the morning for awhile
Then it’s off to the computer
Giving attention, getting it back
My roommate sits at the television
Giving and receiving attention
I say “What’s new?,” he says “Not much”
Later my wife wakes and we sit at the table
Passing the time
Giving attention, getting it back
The dogs and cats come by to say hello
And we give them pets, hands on furry backs
Our hearts beat and we breathe
Life our question
Attention to get and give back

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


2 comments on “Social Question

  1. Until I decided to let God in, my life was rather humdrum. It’s one thing, I have learned, to believe in God and quite another to love Him! It has brought a peace I’d never known before.

  2. annmunday says:

    I once said to a very famous singer/songwriter married to a very, very famous man, that I don’t always think of God and she replied gently, “He never stops thinking of you”.
    And your writing is excellent

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