Seven Wisdoms

Seven Wisdoms

An old man and his lady
Sat at the kitchen table
In their small corner of paradise
Their dog sat in her lap
At their feet lay their cat
Four happy with the morning
And at peace with life just then.
The old man said,
“You know, men could learn
A lot from dogs and cats.
They know
How to love unconditionally
Have no prejudices
And make friends easily.”
His lady smiled softly and replied
“The best part is,
They don’t feel the need
To teach you anything
But still, you learn from them
And that’s just cool.”
The old man looked at her face aglow.
He said, “Life is like that, I think.
People all know how to do that too
When we are very young, then we forget.
Still, all of us
Have a hunger to learn
And share among ourselves what we find.”
And an hour passed by
As though it were only a moment.

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


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