Be Kinder

Be Kinder

Early in the day I got an e-mail
In it a woman said,
“It’s hard for me
To accept the fact
I’ve lost both my parents
In such a such short time.”
By mid-afternoon I was talking
With another woman about the web
I said, “You know, it’s glitchy sometimes.”
She said, “A whole lot of things
seem glitchy for me these days…”
Later in the day
I drove past an old Cadillac
Stopped in the middle of the lane
Hood raised
A man stood beside it
Hands in his pockets
As he looked at the ground
We turned the corner
I watched him in the mirror
And thought of something
A wise man once said,
“Be kinder than you need to
Because everyone you meet
Is fighting some kind of battle.”

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


One comment on “Be Kinder

  1. Really like this one!

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