Tidy Home

Tidy Home

Being at peace
With humanity
And the world
Doesn’t mean
You don’t think
There’s not problems around
It means realizing
Earth is our home
And life forever continues
With scrapes and scraps
Gotta keep
Cleaning up the trash
Gotta keep the kids in line
Gotta, gotta keep
On top of the housework
Gotta, gotta keep
A tidy home

All of us humans
Are a lot like a big bunch of kids
You gotta remember
With a bunch of kids around
There’s gonna be
A toy or two in the driveway
And on the living room floor
And they’ll keep up that dingy texting
On the phone

The teenagers will stay up late
And the house is gonna be loud sometimes
Kids are gonna get into arguments
Every once in awhile
Gonna be some confusion now and then
Cause that’s just the way kids are

Gotta have lots of love and care
To go around
Gotta be understanding and forgiving
Gotta show each other to how share
And how to be kind by example
For humanity to grow up
To be loving adults
Gotta show each other
An easy hand
Needs to be
A lot of love in our home

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


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