Happy To Be Human

Happy to be Human

Believe in Gods or don’t
If Gods exist
They are kind and wise
And will understand
If you doubt a great mystery

Believe in the ideals you choose
Don’t hold against others their beliefs
You might not agree with a man
But you can still respect him
One of the great freedoms of humanity
Is that we each can think
Whatever we want to think

Show all the compassion you can muster
Give it to all whom you can
Ask for nothing in return
The more you freely give
The more that will return to you
Remember, the greatest compassion
Is showing kindness to someone
Who cannot possibly give
Anything back to you

Believe in yourself
You gotta find love in yourself
Before others will find love in you

Believe in your chosen mate
If there’s any love there at all
They’ll be believing in you
Take care to return the faith and favor

Happy to be human
Breathe, hope, love,
Wonder, laugh, cry, strive
Believe in whatever you strive for
Because that is the human thing to do
Touch the humanity in others
And their humanity will reach out
To touch you

Believe in life,
Believe in your mind
Believe in your soul
Believe in your heart
Believe in the hearts
Of those who touch you
You’re reading these words
Because being human is a gift
That life has given to you

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


2 comments on “Happy To Be Human

  1. D-Man says:

    Go to TheGreaterReality.com to get a great spiritual book that also explains the mechanics of the universe.

    Good Day

  2. the whole poem is great but the last line shook me… it has so much meaning when i look at the things around and in my life

    Because being human is a gift
    That life has given to you

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