We All Know

We All Know

Anything that becomes too destructive
becomes self-destructive.
Respect everyone
including those who disagree with you.

The people of this earth
know better than our leaders
It’s not right for humans
to kill each other
over little pieces of paper
and chunks of land

Greed is irrational
and breeds like a disease
Not proper for humans
to enslave each other
for the money it takes
to get a bigger house
and a nicer car.

The people of this earth
know better than our leaders
it’s time to set things right
Time to create a better world

All our religions teach us to love each other
Our science gave us the internet
Now we all are talking to each other
Time to Occupy Earth
We all know
What we need to do

Our leaders are caught
in the last century
telling us to kill each other
but we all know it’s no good
We all know
there are better things to do
We all have families to raise
Children who need love
Friends asking for time to spend
We all know everyone else
Loves their children
Just like we do

It’s time, it’s time
to build a better world
Time to Occupy Earth
Time to teach our leaders
how to be decent people
Time to Occupy Earth
and build a better world
We all know
what we need to do

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


2 comments on “We All Know

  1. Len Gesinski says:

    So Well Put, So True.

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