Tuesday Sky Blue

Tuesday Sky Blue

Early in the morning
it’s sugar in my coffee and a good smoke for me
As 5:00 am strolls on to Tuesday sky blue
shining like a star for me to see
there in the dimness it sparks quite clearly
The longer the book, the less often it’s found
and you don’t get it much in foreign policy
you can’t see it if you’re politically correct
and it doesn’t seem to like stock markets, statistics,
or modern psychology
When it’s truth I want, my sweet lady,
I look for simplicity

Out across the desert
it’s a long, straight road and an open window for me
When Tuesday sky blue is the horizon at noon
and white lines rush underneath
it reaches far in the scattered brush
and I see it resting under Joshua trees
It stays never more than a night in Riyadh, Washington, or Beijing
you don’t often see it in a school or a church
and it doesn’t like to live in TV’s
Wisdom is common sense
that’s not very common
and if I care to look, my sweet lady,
I can get it for free

Busy days end quietly
and Tuesday sky blue has become a summer night breeze
now it’s old white cats, old brown dogs, and bed
for my sweet lady and me
When the light goes out and a candle flickers silently
we talk of today, of tomorrow, and of philosophy

In computer cpu’s and pony cars
it’s very fast and so doesn’t stay long
and you can only rent it for a while
with contracts, degrees, and folding cash c’s
Happiness is greatest
in things very small
and I know the rarest love rests with we four,
the cat, the dog, my sweet lady, and me

Dewey Dirks Copyright 2011


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