If you are homeless
and live in America
the four dollars
you begged today
is still more money
than most in the world
will have
in their pocket tomorrow

Millions go hungry
while we take a break
from protesting
to go get a burger and fries
at McDonalds

If we occupy
and bring change
only to line our own pockets
we are no better
than the corporations
and banks

We spend over
billion dollars every year
on our military
Do you know
What we could do
for the world every year
with even half
of that money?

Occupy Earth
bring justice
to everyone everywhere

Occupy Earth
But take care
to actually make it better

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


3 comments on “Better

  1. pdstein says:

    Nice poem. Reminds me of a quote I read last night…

    Maybe God’s dream is for us to live simply so that others may simply live. -Shane Clayborne

  2. I like the use of “Occupy Earth”. You make really excellent points here, nice writing.

  3. Erica Bilder says:

    I like the “occupy earth” idea, Dewey. It’s about time…

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