Occupy Earth

There are many who understand all humans are brothers and sisters and that the solutions to our problems must accommodate all humans, not just the people in the richer countries.  All humans regardless of where they live or who they are have the same rights as citizens of Earth and of humanity.  If all nations of Earth agreed to open their borders among themselves to the citizens of Earth in the manner that nations of the European Union have their boarders opened to citizens of EU member nations, a good many problems would be erased.  We would still have nations but a Union of Earth (perhaps the United Nations?) would maintain treaties of co-operation, national sovereignty and diversity among member countries.  We all would still be members of sovereign nations but members of sovereign Earth first. Over twenty countries are part of a European Union.  Now it is time to have all counties everywhere be members of a Union of Earth.  United by our common humanity.  The people in all countries can create a Union of Earth simply by raising our voices to our governments loudly enough for long enough.  It is time to Occupy Earth.


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