Since the world long ago began
change rules all
and the only thing that doesn’t change
is that the world is forever changing.
Societies and people both
are born very small
changing after a little while into a teen.
Still later change turns us each into an adult.
Time goes on and one day
we find we are older and perhaps a bit wiser.
There we spend many years in our prime
till one day we wake
in the twilight of our life.
Change walks with us all of our lives
It’s only natural.
The way things should be.
Still, some things never change
because since time began
all creatures walk the same path
from babe to adult to twilight to death.

Some things you can be sure of—-
Lotta times we change
in order to remain true to ourselves.
There is a lot of sense to the idea
that we all change to remain the same.
Change can cause you to grow older and wiser
or just grow old
and the right to decide
which it’s going to be
is a power each of us has
that cannot be taken away.

change happening too fast
to both societies and individuals
is always accompanied by turmoil.
Slower change is called evolution
and usually is better.
Changing too slowly is what we call stagnation.
And a golden age
is what we call a big change
at a perfect pace.

Dewey Dirks  Copyright 2009


4 comments on “Change

  1. redplace says:

    Very powerful… with such beautiful words…

  2. moarstuff says:

    Thanks Dewey, this is indeed very powerful. Absolutely loved it. Deserves a share on Twitter and Facebook.

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