Kindness and Maps


Some say the world
is full of crusty people…
Hey dudes,
I’ve got some news for you.
What you give out
is what you tend to get back.

Just look at the facts, my friends—
I talk to around fifty people
every day.
Each day, it’s not the same
fifty people.
That equals
around three-hundred fifty
people each week
or around eighteen thousand
people per year.
The vast majority
of all those people
are very nice to me…
Geeze, do you suppose
it’s because I’m nice to them too?

Have kind consideration
for everyone you meet.
Treat everyone
how you expect to be treated
Don’t wait for them
to be kind to you first.
Don’t just do it on facebook
and twitter
do it everywhere you go.
I guarantee you will find
the more kindness you show
the more you’ll get back.

Dewey Dirks and Elaine Cunningham copyright 2011



is for people afraid of going to hell
is for people who’ve already been there
is for people who’ve been
to both heaven and hell a few times
and wish to tell people
how to make the round trip
Poetry gives you the map

If you want to help a few people
and make some green cash doing it
you start a religion
If you want to get serious
about teaching people a thing or two
you start a philosophy
If you want to show people
how get though dark days
and long, cold nights
you become a poet

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011




3 comments on “Kindness and Maps

  1. moarstuff says:

    Awesome Dewey, thanks for sharing this. It’s definitely what we all need to do more of. Giving Kindness, instead of expecting it.

  2. Beautiful and uplifting!

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