Figure It Out

Figure it out

Figure it out
people of Earth.

Don’t spend your time
trying to figure out
if there’s Gods or not.
Don’t spend your time
trying to guess
what is on Gods mind.
Don’t spend your time
thinking Gods
are going
to figure it out for you
if you just pray hard enough.

You are a human
your time is best spent
figuring out how to get along
with your fellow humans
and figuring out
what you can do
to help humanity
climb out of this
environmental, economic
and sociopolitical
ditch we’ve dug for ourselves.

We dug it together
for ourselves.
Now we  can climb out of it
together for ourselves.

We have to
figure it out
together people of Earth
the buck stops with us.


Dewey Dirks  copyright 2011


Christians you need
to get a clue!
are not
going anyplace
anytime soon

Muslims, wake up!
are not
going to go away
anytime soon

Hindus get a clue!
Muslims and Christians
are going to be around
as long as you

who prefer science
wake up!
Religions have been
around a long, long time
they are not
going to go away
anytime soon

Religions of the world
Get a clue!
Science is here to stay
it ain’t gonna disappear
just for you

The whole bunch
of you have been
bickering and fighting
for hundreds of years
Seems like you’d all get a clue
after this amount of time
none of you are going away
anytime soon

You all have a clear choice—
You can continue to fight
and bring down
our whole civilization
sooner or later
Or you can do what’s
intelligent and wise
and learn
to live with each other
The choice is
up to you.

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011


2 comments on “Figure It Out

  1. vensan kamberk says:

    down to earth and to the point, a sincere reminder poetically expressed of our need to acknowledge that it is up to and high time for the human being to take responsibility, this will shape the outcome of destiny.

  2. Abel Loparo says:

    I just wanted to thank you once more for this amazing web site you have built here. It really is full of useful tips for those who are truly interested in this specific subject, especially this very post. You’re really all so sweet plus thoughtful of others and reading your website posts is a great delight in my opinion. And what generous present! Dan and I really have fun making use of your points in what we have to do in a few days. Our record is a kilometer long and tips will certainly be put to fine use.

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