Fifty Summer Fling

Fifty Summer Fling

With people, love affairs, and seasons
All the world through time rolls
Come first tender and warm spring rains
Followed then by summer and fall
Comes next the indifferent winter
When ignorance and amnesia of better times blankets all
Then doing what’s right
Makes you seem the fool

But every so often
Once upon an uncommon time
Two are met of mischievous and heroic delight
All the universe suddenly moves as one
Eyes conspire, and an electric air turns
So schemes the summer to shine for a lifetime

In all the rolling world
There is nothing like the touch of rare lovers
Nothing so good as their fifty year fling
Nothing so passionate as their enchanted embrace
Nothing so charmed as the endless summer in their kiss
Lots of things make this old world go ‘round
But only a romance of which stories are told
Makes it worthwhile

Dewey Dirks and Elaine Cunningham-Dirks
For DD and EC
Friday, August 26, 2005


4 comments on “Fifty Summer Fling

  1. Pams Planet says:

    Wonderful flow of word in happy adventure!

  2. Pams Planet says:

    Wonderful flow of words this happy adventure!

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