Sharing Water

Sharing Water

Words rich
With the sensual fabric of life
Full of emotions and heartbeats
Lounge on the page
Resting like a high mountain cat
Fur soft and thick
Deep in thought
Washing a paw
In whispers
Of fluid movement and lithe power

Words born of bone deep pain
Words written alone
In a room with nothing
But an old Formica table
A bare light blub
And a stubby brown pencil
Reach out in desperation
Plead for empathy
Cry for care
Eyes soaking wet
Or sit forsaken
Alone in a crowd

Words born of love
Words gentle and kind
Softly touch me
Welcome my soul home
From a long, long journey
On a straight desert road
With a cool cup of sharing water
Or brilliant and bright
Warm me inviting rest
In the afternoon sun
Golden and honest with joy

Nothing in this old world
Like a good poem
Written deep
From the human heart

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Sharing Water

  1. redplace says:

    Oh wow, what an incredible piece of writing!

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