Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Some say heaven is high above us
and hell lies far below.
Some say that life for most is hell in a hand basket
but that for a few it’s pure bliss.
Some say earth is the land of labor
where day by day we all break our backs.

But you know, life is a long, long walk
with more than one place to go
and more than one place to stop.
What you get back
has a lot to do with what you put in.
And what we think we see
can be a tricky thing
because life is inside of you
and outside at the same time.

Life is trouble for each of us
some of the time
but little bits of heaven
touch us all every day
in the smiles of strangers
in the touch of your lover
in the eyes of a child
in jokes from a friend
in the purr of your cat
in the wag of a dogs tail
where the love you give out
is the love you get back.

Now, those bits of heaven
that you have every day
can carry you through a lifetime
like a river flowing out to the sea.
But don’t hold on too tightly
as the moments pass by.
Love and happiness
enjoyed for a moment then released
return to visit
more than once each day.
The roads we take
can be a hard, winding ride.
We all know
what this old world can do.
If you loose your way
just hold a newborn babe in your hands.

Little bits of life
spread all around five minutes at a time
grow into eighty years of good memories
like a great field of cool green grass
stretching out across the long years behind.

Dewey Dirks


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