Same Old New

Same Old New

Love in each of us
Caution in all
Connection and detachment
In everyone
A brotherhood of humanity
Full of individuals
Intelligence in all of us
Idiocy too
Every upside
Has a downside
The fleas always come
With the dog

I’ve seen the love in someone
Appear at just the right moment
And save everything for them
Possibly worth saving
I’ve also seen the love in someone
Maim the people they most care for
As it blinded them
Into becoming a fool
I’ve seen fear eat people alive
As it destroyed
What was in their heart
So too I’ve seen the fear in someone
Save them from great harm
When at the right moment
They heeded caution

Even the best runners
Trip and fall
Every once in awhile
And the slowest among us
Can be quick to learn
Even the smartest of us
Have found themselves
Acting like an idiot
A time or two

Is mostly permanent
Every day I awake
And look in the mirror
To find the same old
Someone new
Every morning
I look out the window
To find a new world
Full of the same old change
Every day it’s the same—
I learn something new

Dewey Dirks


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