Dear God

Dear God

Dear God,
As you know, I’ve never really prayed much
And probably won’t start anytime soon.
I have wondered all my life
If you exist
And to this day
I still don’t know with any great certainty
That you do or don’t.
But fifty years and a few long, long roads
Have taught me one thing for sure
If you don’t exist, you should.
And as the days roll on by
Both reason and emotion
Raise further for me
The likelihood that you do.

Just in case you do exist
I’d like to say
Thank you very much
For my life
And for the lives
Of my lady and our kids
I suspect all the religions
Are right about one notion—
Not even the smallest sparrow
Spreads a wing in joy or sorrow
Without you knowing.

And I’ll tell you one more thing,
You certainly evolved
A whole lots of things extremely well
But I especially like
Those dogs and cats.

Dewey Dirks