Christians you need
to get a clue!
are not
going anyplace
anytime soon

Muslims, wake up!
are not
going to go away
anytime soon

Hindus get a clue!
Muslims and Christians
are going to be around
as long as you

who prefer science
wake up!
Religions have been
around a long, long time
they are not
going to go away
anytime soon

Religions of the world
Get a clue!
Science is here to stay
it ain’t gonna disappear
just for you

The whole bunch
of you have been
bickering and fighting
for hundreds of years
Seems like you’d all get a clue
after this amount of time
none of you are going away
anytime soon

You all have a clear choice—
You can continue to fight
and bring down
our whole civilization
sooner or later
Or you can do what’s
intelligent and wise
and learn
to live with each other
The choice is
up to you.

Dewey Dirks


10 comments on “Bickering

  1. tales2apoint says:

    I like your reminder! The truth of the matter is that we all are right in some areas, and most are wrong in many areas. As a Christian, I live with the understanding that I’m not here to wipe anybody out, but to help every one I can in what ways I can so that eventually they might be able to come to the point of discovering what is really true! Until then, God has a purpose and a plan and everyone is a part of it. I am so discouraged by Christians who so severely misrepresent the love of Christ. His is an all-encompassing love that cares for even those who hate him. His justice will come in time to all, I know, but until then, each person deserves our very best! Your thoughts? Thanks for the poem…

    • Dewey Dirks says:

      Thank you for your words. It is good that you realize wanting to wipe people out is not a very Christian thing to want to be doing. I think people everywhere need realize they are arguing over issues that have been around for many, many centuries. There needs to be a paradigm shift away from the attitude that if someone is just persistent enough or violent enough he can get someone from another religion to see things his way. For example, in the case of Muslims and Christians, after a thousand years of arguing and fighting now is time to stop throwing things at each other and realize it’s much better to let each other go about their lives and co-exist in a peaceful manner. The same applies to all religous denominations around the world. Humanity has to go up and start acting as intelligently as we claim to be.

      • tales2apoint says:

        That would be nice, but at the same time, if muslims and christians (to continue your example) stopped trying to “convert” one another, if you will, then neither would be what they claim to be. Both are commanded to endlessly seek to convert those who believe differently–as are many religions. To speak personally, if I stopped seeking to bring others to know Christ, I would be going against what He commanded. That would make me a poor example of a true Chrisitan if I conveniently didn’t do what my God had commanded. I still stick to my original point, though, in saying that this “converting” can and should be done peaceably and with true love and not with violence and hate (at least for Chrisitians). The reason true Muslims and true Christians do and will continue to disagree, though, lies in the fact that they serve opposing Gods–real beings–who ultimately will bring about the eternal state of their followers. Many people think it is their religious duty to duke it out in the stead of their deities, but in reality they should live their own beliefs out (true Chrisitans peaceably, true Muslims not so much) and let God and his enemies worry about winning the battle they have been waging in the spiritual world since before the world began.

      • Dewey Dirks says:

        You need to check your religous history Ms Clayton. Christans and Muslims worship the same God. Yahwah and Allah are the same diety. (which alone is very good reason for them not to be fighting amongs themselves.)

      • tales2apoint says:

        I have bachelor’s degree in Bible and can say with complete conviction and a lifetime of personal experience that the God of the Bible is not the same as the Allah of the Quran. Muhammad knew very little of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, nor of the man Jesus Christ who was that same God in the flesh. If he did, he would not have written a religious book–the Quran–which may claim to be from the same God as the Bible, but stands so fundamentally opposed to what the original book of an unchanging God–the Bible–teaches. Allah is not God, but a desperate want-to-be.

        Btw, to clarify, my first name is Clayton, therefore I am a man 🙂 Islam is a very strong burden on my heart because of the grave misunderstanding the world has in it’s perception of it. There are so many good Muslims serving the wrong god. They are the victims of a fear-based religious oppression, rather than the justified children of God serving him by choice and in freedom.

        What do you believe about the God of the Bible? What is your proof of that belief?

      • Dewey Dirks says:

        Sorry about your misreading your name Clayton. Your e-mail address refers to a Cayla, so I assumed you were a woman.

        Since you say you’ve studied you certainly ought to know that the Quran and the Bible share many prophets and many stories including the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, David and Goliath, The Queen of Sheba, Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, Joseph, Moses, the Destruction of Korah, Gideon, and Saul, Jonah, Haman, Zechariah, John, and Jesus among others. All in all, the Quran and the Bible have over fifty references to people, stories and events in common. There are differences in the narrative many times, but the general gist of them is quite often the same.

        That being said, as with any matter conerning God, there is no real ‘proof’ of anything, only many opinions and the opinion that Yahweh and Allah are the same Diety is widely held.

      • tales2apoint says:

        While i have heard that some believe that Yahwey and Allah are the same, you are actually the first person I have personally met who claims to believe it. I am well aware of the fact that the two books hold many of the same stories, and of the fact that Mohammad shared those stories in the Quran because he learned them from nomadic “Christians” who also tried to use violence against Mohammad and his people. For this reason Mohammad, in a sense, rewrote his version of the Bible because he didn’t like the one that these imposing “Christians” claimed. The problem was that Mohammad was illiterate and had little to no first hand knowledge of what the Bible says. If he did, the Quran wouldn’t teach that Allah encourages violence against nonbelievers and create a fear-based religion. The Bible on the other hand was, in many cases, written by those about whom the stories are written, and in is all ways unified though it has dozens of authors. The Quran was given by one man and he regularly contradicted himself! The Bible was the original document from which the Quran got many of it’s stories, but changed them in many ways. Mohammad claimed that the Bible had been altered from it’s earlier form but there are physical manuscripts today from hundreds and even thousands of years before Mohammad that contain the same thing. Mohammad was a clever story teller who managed to depict Allah as a similar sounding deity to the God of the Bible, but at their core they are demonstrably very different. I would strongly encourage you to do an intense study on the differences between them from each of these books, as both an intellectual and spiritual student, and then tell me if you can really claim that they are the same. Some texts to compare as well are “Jesus Among Other Gods” by Raavi Zacharius, “Unveiling Islam” by Caner and Caner who are former Muslims and is where I got a lot of the info I shared above, and “Answering Islam” by Geisler and Saleeb. A study like this will help you see the difference and might even help you discover Christ, which is my prayer for you! 🙂

      • Dewey Dirks says:

        I was first introduced to the notion that Allah and Yahweh are the same Deity over twenty-five years ago, was taught the same thing in classes on comparative religions. I don’t know what circles you hang out in but many of the people I’ve talked to in the last two years in the promotion of my book believe Allah, Yahweh and Brahman as well are the same Deity. I’ve argued in The Questioning Way, the differences in views of God are less important than the similarities of those views.
        I can see from your posts that you are among those who dislike Islam and that you are certain you have the ‘truth’ about God, so I’ll refer you back to the poem that started this discussion and my first answer to your comment. The point of both the poem and my response to you is that when it comes questions about God, it always boils down to various groups of people strenuously insisting they know the truth about a subject that peoples behavior over the last several thousand years (continuously arguing about matters concerning God) is a pretty sure indication that nobody on the planet has a corner on what the truth about God is or even if any truth about God is attainable. If you plan on being part of any solution to humanity’s troubles, my advice to you is concentrate on ideas that bring humans closer to one another rather than ideas that divide them into opposing groups.

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