Buying an Election


7 comments on “Buying an Election

  1. Writing Jobs says:

    Thanks again for sharing

  2. Oh, I so hope this mindset is wrong. I do not care how much money the super PACs spend on Mitt, he is still an idiot, and if he gets voted into office because the Amer public are worse idiots than he is…I might just have to consider life as an expat.

    • Dewey Dirks says:

      I really don’t like to think that elections are bought either Susan, but around 2.4 to 2.6 billion dollars were spent on the presidential race alone in 2008. (please don’t shoot the messenger for the message.) The simple fact of the matter is that in elections in the U.S. you don’t get very far unless you spend stupidly enormous amounts of money. Perhaps the only saving grace (and the biggest irony) of the current election system, is that only about half the money donated is used for advertising—the rest is siphoned off by corrupt politicians and campaign staff…It is very clear that some serious campaign finance reform is needed in America

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