Aquillrelle Magazine 9

I’m happy to announce one of my poems has been published in Aquillrelle Magazine 9 Jan-April. Please drop by and check out Aquillrelle’s fine magazine:

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Kinds of Paths

Kinds of Paths

We all are born unknowing

We all have many questions

All look for answers, and strive through our lives

As best we can

Humans are pretty dumb creatures sometimes

And so try as we might

We’ve only come up with two ways

For finding our way across the land

There are those who follow trails blazed for them

Then there’s individuals who strike out by themselves

Making their own paths across the sand

Followers always find a hero

Like Jesus, Mohammad, or Buddha

They listen to his words very carefully

And try to follow his lead as best they can

Individuals follow only themselves

Are very stubborn, question everything

And listen to only to advice of their choosing

Whenever, and from wherever it happens to land

I’ve known lots of individuals and followers alike

Individuals faults are many and varied

Followers almost always only have two

They always have too much faith in what some other guy once said

And they always believe their hero was something more than just a man

Individuals doubt practically everything but their own right to choose

Followers sometimes resent it if you doubt their hero

And always doubt most, their ability to decide what to do

Often no love is lost

Between those who take different kinds of paths

Followers think irreverence is improper

While individuals find devotion irritating

Better that each should treat the other

Like fans of a different baseball team

Because the only real difference between them

Is what they aim their doubt at

And how many different kinds of advice they listen to

Now, I’ve always been my own kind of man

And if you were to ask me,

I would just have to say:

Strive always to be an individual

Summon the faith that you can find your own path

Follow only yourself

Find wise words wherever you can

And if ever we should meet

With a grin and a shake of the hand

I’ll say “You know, I think your leader is quite an individual

He is a wise, wise man”

If you insist on following a blazer of paths

I suggest you follow my good friend, Prophet Hank

Hank is Gods brothers second cousin twice removed

Right next to Jesus and Buddha

He’s got a seat at Gods dinner table

And when it’s time for desert, he always gets first dibs

On Gods special peach-schnapps pie

He’s got Gods word all written down

On platinum plates

Inscribed with a silver pen

He’s got a nine point plan

That will turn you into an uber-man

Follow it faithfully

And pretty soon you’ll feel pure bliss

All Tuesday morning and every Friday afternoon

To top it all off, I’ve personally seen him

Wave around incense

Right up there with the best of them

Dewey Dirks