Learning Line

Learning Line

He talked with divine surety
his words soaked
with disdain all the while
He appeared to view
every home as a foxhole,
with hoards of beady
black eyed foreigners
evil from across the big waters
waiting to do us all in
He was the kind of guy
you despair talking to
after the first four sentences

Just then my wife called
saying that it was time
to go on an errand
and so, as the ignorance
in his words dripped
off my computer screen
I left him behind
and walked outside

It was a stormy sky
just before sunset
To the west, the sun shone,
a hopeful bright orb
swimming slowly down
to bed behind the mountains
for the night

Clouds above us hung
as a haphazard masterpiece
with broad stokes
of whites and grays
The air all around
sang in joy with shades of gold
while off to the southwest
the sky was very dark in the throws
of a August evening thundershower

After the toxic conversation
I had been having online
the beauty of the evening
was like stepping
into a fresh cascading shower
after trying to fix
a troublesome, old truck
greasy and broken

Struck suddenly breathless
at the beauty all around us,
I looked up at the sky
and thought of a remark
I heard the other day,
“Some live in heaven.
Some live in hell.
Same place.”

Never so much a matter
of at what you’re looking
ever more the matter
of where you stand
most of what we each perceive
is of our own making

We all have a long, knotted
learning line to tow
unique to each and every one
Tasked with undoing knots
we each must puzzle
with our own fears and ignorance
until we realize
what we think we battle
is largely a reflection
of ourselves

Until you’ve walked
in the shoes of another man
and you’ve felt the weight
of the tow line he carries
it is better to let him struggle
with his own views in his own manner
without judging him to harshly

Remember, the more you know,
the more you are willing to forgive
The more ugly faces you see
when you look
at your fellow humans
the more likely it is
your own fears and ignorance
are what is back looking at you

Dewey Dirks


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