Four Swallows

Four Swallows

All creatures, big or tiny
that swim, crawl, sit
walk, slither, or fly
upon holy Mother Earth
follow paths of reincarnation
until they reach
the rare highlands, vast golden steppes
and deep oceans blue
to re-learn the compassion
that their spirits eternal
forever have known
Most creatures retire then
to once again know bliss and to rest
but a few innovative souls
return to live one long incarnation
lasting many thousands of years
wherein they teach the ways
of Mother Earth to those who come after
These we call
guardian angels, memes and muses

Long, long ago
four very wise swallows
two male and two female,
named Etta and Daim, Mika, and Till
led their species, teaching
their brothers and sisters
to become the friends
and benefactors of man
They were the first of their kind
to make the long journey each year
from breeding grounds
in the northern hemisphere
to winter feeding grounds
far to the south
They were also the first of their kind
to make their mud nests
in the roofs of human thatch huts

When these four passed on,
each in their turn
the Earth Mother granted them all
long, long lifetimes as muses
to the humans they so loved

Wise Etta chose the task
of teaching humans
how to see truth with their hearts
though for many humans,
this is very hard to learn

Her mate, brave and resourceful Daim
chose the task of teaching humans
to be curious and creative
even in the face of terrible hardship

Compassionate Mika chose the task
of teaching humans
how to reach deep into their souls
and love one another in a way
that never knows death

Her mate, joyous Till
chose the task of teaching humans
to laugh even in the darkest of times
therein finding strength sure and true
to overcome even the most dire adversity

Together, with the great dragon muses,
the cat muses, great and small,
and dog muses, gregarious and wise
who have chosen to nurture the spirits of men,
of Etta and Daim, Mika, and Till
many extraordinary adventures can be told
as they’ve wandered the world on fleet wing
century upon century
taking hundred year turns
flying first north and east
then south and west, each night quietly
whispering wisdom into human dreams
when minds sleep
and souls awaken

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Four Swallows

  1. carolkate777 says:

    A beautiful tale you’ve spun, Dewey, and above all else, it is one alive with truth. Very enjoyable and good work.

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