Freedom of Thought

Freedom of Thought

Freedom of thought
is as broad
as the world
in which we live.

There are as many
opportunities to choose
as there are concepts
to think about.
This can be frightening,
because it means
there are no holy ideas,
no sacred institutions
to hold onto,
but this uncertainty
merely reflects things
as they actually are.

All nature is a malleable,
dynamic environment
where change is unceasing
and nothing is spared
the winds of transformation.

Virtually everything
anyone knows in life
are a big collection
of guesses.
Remembering this
keeps you prepared
for the shifting sands of life.
When you are always willing
to reconsider what you believe,
your mode of existence
is better prepared
to accommodate
the chaos that is life.

Dewey Dirks —adopted from “The Questioning Way”


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