Big Changes

The Big Change

Big changes are headed our way.
People in countries all around the world
are rising up in protest against
economic and political systems
that reward corporations
and the privileged 1% while mistreating
the environment
and the remaining 99% of their people.

It is upon our generation and the next
to re-organize our world into
systems that are fairer
to the people, less oppressive
to the poor and underprivileged
and that don’t harm
the environment around us all.

1% talking-heads on the wide-screen TV
say our peoples revolution
is going nowhere because we have
no ‘endgame plan.’
This, of course, is non-sense.
After all, that’s the way revolutions go.
In 1789, when the French began
their revolution they had no ‘endgame plan,’
they just knew the system they had
was oppressive and they knew they had
to throw off their chains in order to be free.
At the beginning of the American
revolution in 1775, those who rose up
against their oppressors had only
vague ideas about what the end-result
of their revolution would be.
As our revolution progresses, our path
to a better world will become clearer
and when the time comes we’ll know
what we need to do.

Right now, we know if we don’t start
to make big changes
in the way we our societies do business
our children will all be living
in tents by cesspools in a hundred year time.
And that, my friends, in enough knowledge
to know it’s time act.

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Big Changes

  1. lengesinski says:

    Now is the Best Time……

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