Three Macrocosms

Three Macrocosms

The universe is one thing
made up of many things,
some parts of which
are alive
and some parts of which
have no need
to obey that laws
space and time.

Our science tells us
that our bodies are home
to many billions of microbes
that contribute to our well being.
Likewise, if we look inside the cells
that make up our bodies,
the mitochondria within
are said to have as much
in common with bacteria
in the world around us
as with our own bodies.
A human is one entity
made of many entities,
and some parts of our spirits
do not need to obey the laws
of space and time.
Call each person a living colony
just as the universe around us
is made of grand colonies
of star systems that we call galaxies.
In all probability, our mother planet
is herself alive
and our universe
is also full of other planets
themselves alive.
Each galaxy a giant colony full of life.

The vastness of the universe
is reflected in our bodies
when you look at it from
the point of view
of a microbe or a single cell
A second time
the vastness of the universe
is reflected in our imaginations
–each mind a home
to its own cosmos of thought
And a third time the universal spirit
is reflected in our own souls.

Three microcosms each reflected
in a larger macrocosm
Each microcosm, a macrocosm
from the point of view of the life inside.
Sliver sparks of life and spirit connect
us all to one another
just as the lives of many green leaves
are connected
to the trunk and branches of one great tree.

We all are born, live, love, strive and die
on one tiny drop of life
in a vast, vast ocean alive.
Each of us a drop of life even smaller.
All the more a waking miracle when we see
that we each are organic colonies of life
gifted with the ability to imagine and discover
the shapes and forms of the universe
around us and in us all.

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Three Macrocosms

  1. Sabeen B Rashid says:

    Loved your poem !

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