Bad Advice, Good Advice

Bad Advice, Good Advice

I once heard someone
say, “Don’t let anyone into
your inner kingdom
unless they come with love.”
This was probably born
of the same logic that advised
“Never say you’re sorry.
It’s a sign of weakness.”

One of the things that
I’ve learned
is that many times it takes
enormous inner strength
to say “I’m sorry.”
That is why many people
have such a hard time
admitting they’ve
been wrong.

As for letting someone
into your inner kingdom—
I’ve found over the years
that there is a wonderful
magic that comes
when two people
share pieces of their souls.
The more often you do it
the more you find
you want to do some more.
It is addicting as love
and just as sacred and beautiful.

Dewey Dirks


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