In The Questions and No Difference

In The Questions

We live in societies
where a whole
lotta people spend
a great deal
of time pretending
to have answers
they don’t really have
and there are
many who think
to themselves
“If I find all
the answers
I won’t have
to worry

Things will be
much easier if you
grow accustomed
to not having
all the answers.
To be human
is to ask questions.
Before you
can find
any answers at all
you have to ask
a lot of questions
because, you see,
the answers
are found
in the questions.
So, if the answers
you find
don’t lead to new
You’re probably not
doing it right.

We live in a mystery
wrapped in an enigma
floating gently
in a vast dream.
Life itself, my friend,
is in the questions.

Dewey Dirks

No Difference

Sitting in the quiet
with a silent mind
basking in the stillness
of an idle moon.

in the act of creating.
Working hard
figure, figure, figuring.
Busy days
with a ways
yet to go.

Yin, Yang
each come and go.

No difference
when you’re you
being you.

Dewey Dirks


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