Signs and Wise Child


Animals in the white clouds
Fortuitous shapes
In a flock of sparrows
Dashing over
To your neighbors yard
Two doors down
Faces in the green branches
Of the forest across the pond
Sun dogs high
In the sky
At three in the afternoon
Fox on a boulder at the edge
Of your yard stopping
To stare at an April
Nights full moon

Signs people see
Signs people dream
Some things you see
Once or twice in a lifetime
Others you see as often
As you care to read
The palm of your hand
Or a deck of tarot
For a friend just up
On a visit
From out of town

The secret of signs
Is that they are just
Nature waving hello
To your minds eye
It is you that give them
Meaning or cast them aside
Like brown leaves raked up
On a cool October evening

The secret of signs
Is that they happen
All the time
They are some of the lullabies
Our mother planet quietly sings
To us all

Dewey Dirks

Wise Child

Each day rise,
Sit at the table
For a few cups
Of good coffee
And soak up
The fine morning air

Put on your clothes
And your best
Working attitude
Astute and mature
Take care of business
As best you can

After the days business
Of paperwork,
And power bills
Is taken care of
Throw off once again
Your age and spend
As much time
As you can
Being as young
As you can

Life is too short and sweet
Not to see it through
The eyes
Of a wise child

Dewey Dirks


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