Elaine Cunningham-Dirks

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Hi folks. I have some real bad news. Three months ago my wife Elaine was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She passed away peacefully in her sleep with me by her side early in the morning 12-30-2013. In her last few weeks alive she was able to spend much time with our family which was very important to her because for Laino, family was everything.

Laino was a very loving mate, mother, and friend. No one could ever ask for a finer partner in life. She was the kindest person I have ever known and one of the most capable people I’ve ever met, bar none. It has been an honor to be her mate. We were together for twenty-two years and I’ve known her for over half my lifetime. We all miss her so much.

Laino was one of those people who was always moving in four directions at once and so was able to fit a very great deal into her life. She was a jack of all trades and was very accomplished. In life she had been a bartender, waitress, process server, business owner, loan officer, appraiser, paralegal, caregiver, and patient advocate. Many times over the years she worked three jobs at once. Through it all she managed to fit time in for our kids and myself every day.

She is survived by myself, three sisters, two brothers, her son, her step-daughter, two nieces, two nephews, a grand niece and a grand nephew. In life we considered her nieces and nephews as though they were our own children.

Elaine Cunningham-Dirks


8 comments on “Elaine Cunningham-Dirks

  1. Hoby Bruhn says:

    May the peace of the Spirit be with you Dewey in your days to come. Blessed that she passed with love around her and with farewells spoken. So many loved ones are taken away with a suddenness that leaves those left behind with such a longing to just have one more touch or smell or thought/.Remember the memories as I do. Hoby

  2. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama 🙂

  3. Rochelle Smith says:

    im so sorry dewey for your loss

  4. Barb Rosand Baker says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Especially bad this time of year. Remember that the ones we love are with the Lord, and He has promised to be with us. If they are with Him, and He is with us, they cannot be far away. Sounds like she was a lucky woman to have you. Sincerely, Barb Rosane Baker.

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