The Long Journey

The Long Journey

I have been on a lifelong
spiritual and philosophical journey.
I have talked to scores of people,
read many books, gathering points of view,
and I’ve seen many things happen
mysterious, wondrous and terrible
each with their lesson to teach me.

Some of the things I’ve learned
are that within virtually every
difficulty in life, are opportunities hidden,
and that life is far, far kinder and compassionate
than most people ever happen to notice.
I’ve learned that things have a way
of working out, even when the situation
appears extremely dire.
I’ve learned that life has given us all
an enormously powerful medicine
in the form of humor,
and that one of its most potent applications
is laughing at ourselves.

I’ve learned that both Mother Earth
and the Universe around us all, are,
in all probability, alive,
and like tiny cells of a vast, vast living being,
we each are inseparable from that greater life.
I’ve learned that the long journey of all humanity
to a deeper understanding of the life
that we are a tiny part of, has resulted
in all of our religions, sciences and philosophies.

I’ve learned that life allows rather than dictates,
and that it is we who judge ourselves
by our own actions, ideas, emotions and attitudes.
I’ve learned that the Universe
is unfathomably, wise, compassionate, and kind.
She is the advocate of all that lives,
She has no prejudice and holds no grudges.
I’ve learned that she is so kind, in fact,
that she’ll even hang out
with Mormons, Baptists and Catholics on occasion.
This, of course, was kinda hard for me to accept 😉

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “The Long Journey

  1. A Friend says:

    All are awesome!

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