Walk a Better Earth and Happiness

Walk a Better Earth

Look for the best
in each person
you meet.
When you talk to them,
speak to that part of them
even if they don’t
recognize it in themselves.
It will help those you meet
to discover and strive
for their dreams,

Talking to the best
in those around you
allows you to see
more clearly
the best in yourself.

Seeing the best in yourself
and in those around you
allows you to walk
a better Earth.

Dewey Dirks


Some say that you
need to surround yourself
with people who will
make you laugh so hard
you’ll forget the bad things in
life and remember the good
and then you’ll be happy

My friend, I’ve got some
news for you—
Take some responsibility
for yourself
You need to learn to laugh
on your own,
learn to see the quiet joy
in everyday things,
and everyday happenings
Don’t depend to other people
to make you happy
Instead, first find happiness
and laughter in yourself
and pretty soon
happy people
will want to be with you

Dewey Dirks