We share
Our blue dot
In the sky
With around
nine million
other species
We are just
One small member
Of a very large family

Mother Nature
Is a very busy lady
Life cannot,
Will not
Make every decision
About our biosphere
In the best interests
Of humanity

Our species has grown
A little older
Now it’s past time
That we realized
We have a place
In the scheme
Of things
But certainly
Not the only place

Humanity must learn
To share the world
With millions upon millions
Of other creatures
Least we lose our place
And fall behind

Remember, my friends
On planet Earth
Is going to happen
We are here or not

Dewey Dirks

2 comments on “Share

  1. bfootjohn says:

    Figured I better comment today… May not be here tomorrow… 🙂 Great write my friend.. 🙂

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