Don’t Need Much

Don’t Need Much

Give me sunshine
and a good rain,
clouds in the sky,
beautiful sunrises
and sunsets
and the moon
and stars to see
in the velvet night.

Give me
a good conversation
with a stranger
every once in awhile,
a few good friends
to chat with
from time to time,
and my family to care for.
I’ll be needing my dog
to meet me at the door,
and a cat or two
who like my lap.

I’ll need a roof
over my head
that doesn’t leak
too much when it rains,
a bit of food
in my belly each night,
and some clothes
for my back.

I’ll be needing
and a few good books
to read now and then,
my computer
with a passable
word processor
and a game or two
for my work
and my play.

With these few things
I’ll figure
I have a hand
that’s pat.
I don’t need much
to make my days
happy and content.

Dewey Dirks

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