Expectations and Adventure


It is very easy
to get tangled up
by your desires
when you expect
something important
to happen
or when you
want something
very much.

Such things
have a way of narrowing
down your point of view
until all that you seem
to be able to see
or think about
is the object
of your desire.

When this happens
you need to sit down,
relax, and remind yourself
that life will not end if you
don’t get what you expect.
There is very, very little
that ever happens
in your life that is worth
all the undue worry.

The ability to be able
to keep your expectations
in perspective is a true
mark of spiritual maturity.
The advantage
of wanting and needing
only a few things out of life
in order to be happy
is a sure sign
of considerable
spiritual strength.

Dewey Dirks


If you look
always at life
as an adventure,
the thrill of living
will never
leave you.

If life no longer
appears to be
an adventure
to you, change
your attitude
and look anew,
good, bad
or indifferent,
peaceful or full
of mayhem,
life is forever
an adventure.

Dewey Dirks


3 comments on “Expectations and Adventure

  1. Thanks dear Dewey for your beautiful page here. with all my love Kerstin

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