21st century civilization
is a giant, heavy
rolling wheel.
The status quo has
a strong inertia and will
resist changing directions.
To change our course,
the combined power
of all the knowledge
in our minds,
all the love in our
combined heartbeats,
and all the willpower of
the soul of humanity
are required.

21st century civilization
is an old house near
the end of the street
with holes in the walls
a leaky roof, and floors
that need replacing.
To get it back into shape,
a lot of remodeling
needs to be done,
tearing out old and broken pieces
so they can replaced and renewed.

Mankind often appears
a mess only because
for the last eight thousand years
Humanity has been a change
in the changing
—Just a single moment
on the time scale
of the lifespan of a species.
A good deal of chaos
and disorder naturally occurs
in order to fuel our evolution.
We must strive for a golden age
—A big change at an ideal pace.

Don’t trust in the opinions
of the ruling classes.
They have become blinded
by greed for money.
They don’t have as much
of a clue about what needs
to be done as you and I do.
The character of all our cultures
and of our species
are not defined by the ruling few,
but rather by the aspirations, hearts
and minds of the people.

Mankind is a caterpillar
making a cocoon at the end
of a spring adventure,
soon to reform ourselves
into something new.
The way our cultures
organize themselves now
are not as they will emerge
in the future.

Have faith in nature, my friends.
Have faith in the future.
Our Earth Mother
knows what she’s doing.
Take care to strive in your life
what your heart and soul
lead you to do because
they have the strongest connection
to the heartbeat of the planet.

Dewey Dirks

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