Clear Water River and Wanderer


I’ve been asking questions
all my life.
‘Been wandering
since I was a kid.
I’ve climbed the highest
mountains I could find.
Rode fast and low
on the straightest desert roads
all alone moving one hundred miles
in an hours time.
Read the words of great souls
deep into many nights.
Talked to people crazier
than peach orchard squirrels.
Talked to people common as dirt.
Talked long, watching the sunrise
scores of times, with someone
as rare as a winged forest cat.
Talked to the wisest of men.
Crashed and been burned
more than once
only to stand again.
I’ve learned
and I’ve learned some more
until I knew
next to nothing again.

Rest easy traveler.
All roads lead to where
you want to be
when you’re not sure
where you are going
and only remember
where you’ve been.

All you gotta know
is how to love
like you did
when you were five.
All you gotta be
is satisfied.
All you gotta do
is look at the world
through the eyes
of the child
you have always been.

Dewey Dirks

Clear Water River

Don’t be fooled,
time is not the tick-tocking of a clock,
but rather the empty spaces in-between.
It doesn’t wander its path
with precision cut,
sharp-edged marching steps,
nor does it only move slowly when you
are impatient and quickly when you
are enjoying yourself.

Reach deep inside
and touch time with your soul
where it meanders naturally
as the now-quick, now-slow
clear water river through
which we all swim.
There, it will move very
fast to help you
over steep, rocky mountain sides
and through rough patches in the road.
There, it will slow way, way down,
edging along drawn out long,
smooth and very quiet
to let you savor the moments
spent all alone at the kitchen table
or with your lover and best friend.
Find these and you’ll
remember time
as you knew it
when you were a child.
Like so many truths, my friend,
time is relative and moves
to the colored rhythm of your soul.

Dewey Dirks


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