I don’t believe life
has a single purpose
to which we all
have to aspire.
Nature has gifted us all
with the right to choose
our own purpose.
You can do with your life
whatever your heart
and mind desire.
Personally, I’ve always
made my relationships,
the pursuit of knowledge,
and using my creativity
the things for which
I strive most.

I think I’ve chosen pretty well
because one of the things
I’ve learned along the way
is that how deeply you love
those near to you
and all the world around
seem to matter more and more
to you as you grow older.
I’ve noticed as well that
those who spend
their lives creating
with their minds, hearts and hands
seem to be more satisfied
as the years roll on.

I’ve also noticed
over the years
you never see someone
at the end of their days
who says, “Well, to hell
with all my lousy kids
and my five marriages,
I’ll die in peace because
I made a boat load of money
and I owned a Mercedes Benz.”

Dewey Dirks


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