Everyone you ever meet
has a collection of something.
Sometimes it’s a bunch of things,
like plates, DVD’s or books.
Other times it’s a collection
of things intangible
like a collection of similar ideas
or experiences.
We humans are like crows
collecting stuff we see as shiny.

To be happy, everyone you ever meet
needs some candy in their lives.
Sometimes, it’s their collection they feed
other times it’s a hobby they feed
like a fast car, a bunch of video games,
or a bunch of guns.
Everyone, no matter how old
are kids who need to have fun
some of the time.
It’s not that people shouldn’t have
candy and collections—
this is just part and parcel
of being human,
but take care that your candy
doesn’t have you.
Remember, a little candy
is just fine, but too much
is never good,
and the TV will always try
to get you to buy
more than is good for you.

Dewey Dirks


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