Change in the Changing

A Change in the Changing

We all know humanity
is in a hell of a fix.
Everywhere you look
are problems
one after another.
The largest cultures
all around the planet
function with
economic systems
that play with dice
loaded to favor
big corporations
and the rich.
Entire political systems
are on the take.
Governments in many countries
are firmly in the grip
of big money.
It’s been that way for awhile.

There are millions of people
on every continent
who go hungry every day.
Politicians in countries
around the globe
goad their nations
to wars overt and subvert
when peace is all their
citizens ever want.
Giant corporations
driven by irrational
and dangerous greed
poison groundwater
with fracking,
chop down rainforests
vital to the planets
biological diversity,
pollute the environment
in more ways
than you can count,
and habitually murder
the inalienable rights
of people worldwide—
Rights that every human
deserves simply by virtue
of being born.
All the while,
the climate around the world
gets ever warmer
as a direct result
of human actions

Many, many people
all around the globe
realize the extent
of our problems.
Every day millions of people
look at the enormity
of the tasks facing us all and say,
“My God! I’m just one person.
What am I ever gonna do
to help all this?”
Don’t ever lose hope my friends
every little bit each of us do
will help.
Time, and nature, and truth
are all on the side of the people,
and nothing
those who seek to oppress us
ever do can make
the truth go away.
What is not sustainable
can never, never last.

If our leaders don’t
pull their heads out
of big money’s pockets
on their own
nature and time are sure
to do it for them.
Humanity is a species
in the middle
of a transformation.
All the messes
we’re in are only the fuel
of a great change
in the midst changing.
Today is just moment passing
It is not where we’ll be tomorrow.

Dewey Dirks


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