I’ve long wandered
waters uncharted,
never putting down my colors.
Fought Scylla and Kraken
among the blackest skies
on hurricane killer seas.
I’ve sailed, as well, across oceans
elegant and blue glass smooth
with beauty everywhere
in the golden air, on the far shores
and in the crystal blue sky
as far as my eyes could see.
I’ve been lost in the
roughest midnight
white water waves
only to find
a lighthouse beacon
as the final seconds
were quickly passing by me.
I’ve learned to set
my sails as high
as I can,
and let the
fresh spring gales
and deep blue currents
guide my way.
I’ve learned to navigate
by astrolabos,
by floating green seaweed,
by shallow rolling waves,
and by the shining stars
on the most distant of seas.

Now, I’m still a man who
likes a good laugh
and good company,
and like many,
I’ve come to see that
all of humanity is sailing
in waters vast and unknown.
Like many, I’ve used
what I’ve learned
to raise my voice
and give the clearest advice
I know how to give.

Whenever the seas
turn rough you can tell
there is some learning
to be done.
On broken, uncharted waters,
we humans are
in a three way race
between the awakening
of our souls,
the widening reach
of our technology
and the ravenous
and short sighted appetite
of our corporate greed.
On the horizon,
the skies are darkening
and dire storms
are soon to be
coming our way.

Think only of yourself
and you’re sure to lose.
Think only of yourself
and your buddies
and you might last
a few hours
through the first day.
Think of all of humanity,
and you might be there
when the storms have passed
and the skies
are clear once again.
Our entire species
is going to be threatened
and only by the deeds
of all of us together as equals
can Homo Sapiens
ever make it through.

Dewey Dirks


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