Strange and Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful

Have you ever heard
of that famous story
“Stranger in a Strange Land”
about a visitor upon Earth
from another world?
I used to like that book
because for the longest time.
I too felt like
a stranger upon this world.
I wandered and wondered
at the odd ways of humanity
for years on end.
After a time, I found a mate in life
and together we went through our days
feeling mutually strange together.
We used to like to say that
we were a culture of two.
Because I had a hand to hold
and a heart to touch
I didn’t feel so alone any more.

As the years passed I began to notice
bits and pieces
of myself in many of the people
I happened across and bits and pieces
of other in myself.
As the time went by and I discovered
more of myself
I discovered the world as well.
Conversely, as I discovered the world
I was able to journey farther within myself.
After a long time, I realized,
we all are very similar
in the things we hope and desire most
and there are only a dozen or so
different ways we each use strive
to satisfy our hopes and desires.

But you know, after you’ve grown
skilled at living
and adept both paring
and meeting your desires,
at the base of all your journeys
you come back
to the same questions
and the same mysteries.
You find that success isn’t about
the gathering of things,
whether they’re items or knowledge.
Success is the difference between
being able to say,
“This place is strange,”
and being able to say
This place is strange and beautiful.”

Dewey Dirks


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