The other morning
I had a long conversation
with a young man who suffered
from paranoid delusions.
Breathlessly he explained
to me how an insidious group
called the Bungalow Cabal
had been bugging his phone
and messing with his computer
for many years.
He said no one would help him
and that the cops and government
officials were in on it too.

Later in the day
I sat down at coffee
in a bar where everyone
was watching
the soccer championships
down in Brazil.

I had to ask myself
which is the greater delusion?
Those of a man
scared and all alone whose
point of view is socially unfashionable
and whose ideas hurt only himself,
or the international delusion
that it’s perfectly fine for a country
to spend many billions building
sports arenas on the broken backs
of poor people who need
food, clinics, and schools
and then broadcast
weeks of games while the police
and military rob the people
of their rights to protest the oppression
so the rest of the world can
enjoy the spectacle of soccer games
either unaware or uncaring
of all the mayhem.

Dewey Dirks


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