Forget about what is probable.
Concentrate instead upon possibility.
The simple fact that you are alive
reading and comprehending these lines
in a Universe as vast
and varied as Mother Nature
is already an astronomically
improbable accomplishment.
You can be whatever is within
the realm of possibility
and that includes virtually
anything because the realm
of possibility is as large
as the imagination
of all Mother Nature.
You are a sentient part of Nature
and above all, she is your
friend and advocate.
The only trick is to be
as good of a friend
and advocate to yourself
as Mother Nature is.

Dewey Dirks



Money, money
everybody’s gotta use some
everybody’s gotta gotta get some.
After it’s gone, you gotta gotta
get some more.
It acts a lot like a drug,
get a little at first,
and you’re happy for awhile
until you discover you want a lot more.
The more you get,
the more you tend to want
The more you get
the more you tend to use.
When you run out, you go into withdraw
and get all worried and crabby
until you figure out how to get some more.

Money, money,
has its good side, it’s true.
It provides incentive for great numbers of people
to work together to make all sorts of things
and as the world grows closer together economically
the harder it is for countries
to be fighting with each other.
Most of the really powerful nations have so many
of their fingers in each others money pie,
they really can’t afford
to go to war with each other anymore.
The trouble is that
at the basis of money’s incentive, is greed,
and greed is irrational
and often drives people to shit on each other
in their scramble to get as much as they can.

I’ve seen money drive a wedge
between sisters and brothers,
between a father and his daughters
and more than once, I’ve seen it tear
whole families apart.
Personally, virtually all the times
I’ve been truly done wrong in this life,
money was the driving force.

Money, money you gotta to get a clue about it.
It’s best to have an easy come, easy go
attitude about it.
You gotta not get all caught up
in the debt racket or you’ll find yourself
working as an indentured servant
to the bank for the rest of your life.
When comes the time to make a decision
about money, you gotta learn to ask yourself,
‘Am I making this decision in favor of people
or in favor of money’ because the defense
against greed boils down to the decisions
you make when money is at hand.
In my experience, most of the people
who can keep their heads when it comes
to money, have all been poor in dollars
and rich in heart.

Money, money, the catch is that
the more you tend to get, the more of your time
it takes up and the more you tend to want to spend.
A lot of people think getting a big load of money
would solves all their problems
but having money is its own line to tow
and having a big bunch can multiply your troubles.
Don’t fall for the idea that having more money
makes you a better person.
The ideal situation about it
is to have so little, or so much money,
it really doesn’t matter anymore.
If you get a bunch,, the trick is to
not fall into the trap of spending more and more
until you’re all out of it again.
To have a bunch only means
that you have more than you care to spend.
I’ve known people who only had a little pile,
but because they didn’t care
to buy a lot of things, they had enough
that it didn’t matter anymore.
The poorest people I’ve ever known
all had great big piles of money,
but only tiny amounts of love and fulfillment
because they had turned away from their own
heart and soul in name of money.

Dewey Dirks



The other day I was talking
to a young woman, bright eyed
and intelligent as she explained to me that
when she sold something
on Craigslist, she made sure
to arrange to meet potential
buyers in a public place in order
to guard against serial killers.
She didn’t realize, of course,
that the country
is as safe from violent crime
as it was forty years ago
when people didn’t lock their
doors at night and that her chances
of being shot by a cop were
much, much higher than being killed
by a serial killer.

Not long afterwords, I was having
a conversation about climate change
with a man in his fifties, intelligent,
full of experience and informed, as he mouthed
the corporate media’s misinformation explaining
to me that even though climate change
might be real, it couldn’t possibly
have been brought about by the
actions of Man not realizing that the link
between global carbon-dioxide levels
and the behavior of mankind since
the beginning of the industrial
revolution are a certain as the fact
that the ice-caps are melting.

A few days later, I was talking to another
man in his forties, liberal, and well informed
who mouthed the media’s liturgy in some detail
about how America has to guard
against more terrorists attacks
not thinking about the fact that
American soil hasn’t seen a terrorist
attack in alomst thirteen years.

As you leave the fog
that is the mass-media enculturation
of American society,
You begin to see how pervasive
and often misleading the institutions
of our culture have become.

The more you become aware of
the actual state of the world, three things
become resoundingly apparent—
First, virtually all of our mass-media
marches in lockstep with the desires
and goals of American
corporations, military and government.
They want you scared, obedient, and feeling
as though you’re dependent on them.
Second, our culture has trained millions
upon millions of people to be afraid
of everything from the cause
of their own daily aches and pains,
to the beliefs and goals of people
in other countries, to the motivations
and personalities of their own
next door neighbors.
And finally, you become
more and more conscious
of how unimpaired by fear your
journey through life can be.

After awhile, you discover you don’t even
need to be afraid of the institutions,
that are trying to control us,
because when you lie as much as
they do to as many people as they do,
you become increasingly incapable
of recognizing what’s real
and acting in your own best interests
until the day the truth walks up to you
and smacks you upside the head,
which explains our ruling classes
inept responses so far
to global warming, doesn’t it…

Dewey Dirks



Fears, regrets, lost hopes,
failures and smashed dreams
can chase you, chase you
in the shadows until
they catch you like a disease.
Building insidious inner demons,
they try to overwhelm you,
put blinders on your eyes,
tell you that you have
no freedom of choice,
tell you that all the world
is forsaken and made of pain.
Each time they win a battle,
they get a little stronger
If they win too many times,
they’ll bind you with fear
and suffocate you with ignorance
trying to snuff your life spark out.

Each time you rise
to meet a new day,
you win the prize
of one more chance at life.
As you face the day,
with every choice you make
to believe in yourself
in spite of them, you win.
Each time you embrace them
teaching them of compassion
you win against them.
Each time you stand up to them
all or alone in the darker
alleys of your mind,
you win a battle with them.

If you win enough battles
by believing in your own magic
they’ll transform
into peculiar allies—
You’ll learn from them
to have even greater
empathy and compassion.
They’ll become gargoyles
who protect you
with an amour of scars
that they’ve created,
guarding you against
any new strife you chance to face
in the long years ahead.

I’ve fought many of them
many times over the years
and I have many scars
because of it.
But my gargoyles have learned
respect for my spirit,
because I know in each place
they pierced me in times past,
in the white of my scars
shines the light of the sun,
and moon, and stars.

Dewey Dirks

On The Front Porch Swing

On The Front Porch Swing

Hello humans, I’m a bacteria
on your front poach swing.
I was born long ago
thousands of miles west of here
high upon the leaves
of a tall palm tree
on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
There, I lived in many different colonies
of bacteria on tiny specks of dust
until the dirt and my colony
were swept up into the clouds
by a windstorm passing
over the Pacific ocean.

I was separated from my colony
and lived with my daughter cells
for many months in water droplets
far up in the white and gray clouds.
Later, I was dropped in a water droplet
as part of a August rainstorm
onto your porch where I bounced
in high speed splashing water onto your swing.

My life cycle is special and because of the way
I divide into two daughter cells, I’m essentially
immortal when my lifespan
is considered by human standards.
I speak to my cousin bacteria
by use of chemicals,
and you can consider me multilingual
because I can speak to many species
of bacteria besides just my own.
I can also transfer parts of my DNA
to other bacteria without reproducing
and viruses can transfer DNA to me as well.

My kind has lived on Earth for billions of years.
My personal lineage dates to long before
humans walked the Earth.
My kind is among the most common
forms of life on the planet.
For every human alive
there live billions upon billions of bacteria.
In myself and my kind, Mother Earth finds
continuity of life and diversity of DNA
even through the mass extinctions that
periodically plague larger forms of life.
Cousins of mine inhabit Mother Earth
high up into the sky
and deep into the ground.
We live in almost every other form
of plant and animal on the planet
all of whom could not live long
without the help of my kind.

I’ll live many more years
upon your front porch swing
in a colony with my daughters
unknown and unseen
by your cumbersome human gaze
and fleeting human attention.

I’ve seen many forms of life come and go.
I’ve talked to scores of different species
Oh! The stories I could tell,
and the wisdom of Earths long ages
I could give you if only humans
had the ears and the hearts
to hear my secret melodies.
Listen now and I’ll sing to you
songs of ten-thousand million lives,
of friendship and hardship,
of love and life and death,
of great alliances and deep mystery,
of seeking souls and of consummation,
spanning the long, long eons,
and carried out on vast stages.

Dewey Dirks

Drifters Faith and Saving Yourself

Drifters Faith

We each have within us
a natural will find what’s true
and they say, my friend,
that while the seeker looks
for the water, the water looks
for the seeker in return.
You know, some people
are made in such a way
to have faith
that never shakes,
while others have
a drifters faith
that is built to forever
be on the move
questioning everything.

Everyone we happen across,
everything we each do every day,
all the things we feel, see and say,
and everything
we don’t see, feel or say
are as so many miracles
in a vast ocean
of unlikely chance and happenstance
where probability dances near or distant
within the sea of endless possibility.
If you want to find
miracles happening right now
you have only to feel
your own breathing
and you have to look no farther
than the moon and stars at night
and the sun and clouds each day.

We each dance through our lives
to a grand symphony sung
with empty spaces and silence
and never set to paper.
Your own heartbeat keeps time
with the beat.
Search outward and see yourself.
Search inward
and see the Universe looking back.
I’ll keep my drifters faith
traveling on day by day renewed.
I’ve found more
than I ever thought possible
and I’ve learned that just as
we each are alive in the world,
we all live in a world that is alive.

Dewey Dirks

Saving Yourself

There is only one person
who can save you
and that is yourself.
The only things you need
to save yourself from
are your own
fear and prejudice.

You overcome your
fears and prejudice
by learning to
care for yourself
as Mother Earth
cares for you.
When you learn
to have compassion
for your own shortcomings,
you also learn to have
compassion for the shortcomings
in everyone else
and all the world as well.
As your fears and prejudice
begin to subside
you’ll become ever more aware
of many things that
you’ve been doing right all this time
and many things
that life has been doing for years
to help you along.

A lack of compassion for others
is a sure indication
of a lack of compassion
for yourself.
If you want to do your part
to save the world
you need only to set yourself right
after that everything
will fall into place.
Lighting the bright flames
of compassion in yourself
goes far in lighting
the flames of compassion
in all whom
you come into contact with.

In the fullness of time, you’ll find
the world doesn’t need saving
so much as it needs
to be loved.
Likewise, you’ll come to find
that you don’t need saving either.
What you need is to love
and to be loved.

Dewey Dirks

Ignorance, Knowledge and Wisdom

Ignorance, Knowledge and Wisdom

Ignorance is seeing
in the world
only what your culture
and education
tell you to see.

Knowledge and growth
mean learning to look
past the blinders of your
culture and education,
to find problems
in the world
and then striving
to set them right.

Wisdom is seeing
with clarity all
of Mankind’s problems
and still finding
us beautiful.

Dewey Dirks