Drifters Faith and Saving Yourself

Drifters Faith

We each have within us
a natural will find what’s true
and they say, my friend,
that while the seeker looks
for the water, the water looks
for the seeker in return.
You know, some people
are made in such a way
to have faith
that never shakes,
while others have
a drifters faith
that is built to forever
be on the move
questioning everything.

Everyone we happen across,
everything we each do every day,
all the things we feel, see and say,
and everything
we don’t see, feel or say
are as so many miracles
in a vast ocean
of unlikely chance and happenstance
where probability dances near or distant
within the sea of endless possibility.
If you want to find
miracles happening right now
you have only to feel
your own breathing
and you have to look no farther
than the moon and stars at night
and the sun and clouds each day.

We each dance through our lives
to a grand symphony sung
with empty spaces and silence
and never set to paper.
Your own heartbeat keeps time
with the beat.
Search outward and see yourself.
Search inward
and see the Universe looking back.
I’ll keep my drifters faith
traveling on day by day renewed.
I’ve found more
than I ever thought possible
and I’ve learned that just as
we each are alive in the world,
we all live in a world that is alive.

Dewey Dirks

Saving Yourself

There is only one person
who can save you
and that is yourself.
The only things you need
to save yourself from
are your own
fear and prejudice.

You overcome your
fears and prejudice
by learning to
care for yourself
as Mother Earth
cares for you.
When you learn
to have compassion
for your own shortcomings,
you also learn to have
compassion for the shortcomings
in everyone else
and all the world as well.
As your fears and prejudice
begin to subside
you’ll become ever more aware
of many things that
you’ve been doing right all this time
and many things
that life has been doing for years
to help you along.

A lack of compassion for others
is a sure indication
of a lack of compassion
for yourself.
If you want to do your part
to save the world
you need only to set yourself right
after that everything
will fall into place.
Lighting the bright flames
of compassion in yourself
goes far in lighting
the flames of compassion
in all whom
you come into contact with.

In the fullness of time, you’ll find
the world doesn’t need saving
so much as it needs
to be loved.
Likewise, you’ll come to find
that you don’t need saving either.
What you need is to love
and to be loved.

Dewey Dirks


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