Money, money
everybody’s gotta use some
everybody’s gotta gotta get some.
After it’s gone, you gotta gotta
get some more.
It acts a lot like a drug,
get a little at first,
and you’re happy for awhile
until you discover you want a lot more.
The more you get,
the more you tend to want
The more you get
the more you tend to use.
When you run out, you go into withdraw
and get all worried and crabby
until you figure out how to get some more.

Money, money,
has its good side, it’s true.
It provides incentive for great numbers of people
to work together to make all sorts of things
and as the world grows closer together economically
the harder it is for countries
to be fighting with each other.
Most of the really powerful nations have so many
of their fingers in each others money pie,
they really can’t afford
to go to war with each other anymore.
The trouble is that
at the basis of money’s incentive, is greed,
and greed is irrational
and often drives people to shit on each other
in their scramble to get as much as they can.

I’ve seen money drive a wedge
between sisters and brothers,
between a father and his daughters
and more than once, I’ve seen it tear
whole families apart.
Personally, virtually all the times
I’ve been truly done wrong in this life,
money was the driving force.

Money, money you gotta to get a clue about it.
It’s best to have an easy come, easy go
attitude about it.
You gotta not get all caught up
in the debt racket or you’ll find yourself
working as an indentured servant
to the bank for the rest of your life.
When comes the time to make a decision
about money, you gotta learn to ask yourself,
‘Am I making this decision in favor of people
or in favor of money’ because the defense
against greed boils down to the decisions
you make when money is at hand.
In my experience, most of the people
who can keep their heads when it comes
to money, have all been poor in dollars
and rich in heart.

Money, money, the catch is that
the more you tend to get, the more of your time
it takes up and the more you tend to want to spend.
A lot of people think getting a big load of money
would solves all their problems
but having money is its own line to tow
and having a big bunch can multiply your troubles.
Don’t fall for the idea that having more money
makes you a better person.
The ideal situation about it
is to have so little, or so much money,
it really doesn’t matter anymore.
If you get a bunch,, the trick is to
not fall into the trap of spending more and more
until you’re all out of it again.
To have a bunch only means
that you have more than you care to spend.
I’ve known people who only had a little pile,
but because they didn’t care
to buy a lot of things, they had enough
that it didn’t matter anymore.
The poorest people I’ve ever known
all had great big piles of money,
but only tiny amounts of love and fulfillment
because they had turned away from their own
heart and soul in name of money.

Dewey Dirks


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