Forget about what is probable.
Concentrate instead upon possibility.
The simple fact that you are alive
reading and comprehending these lines
in a Universe as vast
and varied as Mother Nature
is already an astronomically
improbable accomplishment.
You can be whatever is within
the realm of possibility
and that includes virtually
anything because the realm
of possibility is as large
as the imagination
of all Mother Nature.
You are a sentient part of Nature
and above all, she is your
friend and advocate.
The only trick is to be
as good of a friend
and advocate to yourself
as Mother Nature is.

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Possibility

  1. Brian in.Evans.Co. says:

    I really like this one. My mind always works against me, convincing myself I’m not good enough, not half as good as others.This write is Inspiring. https://www.facebook.com/brian.crandall.7

    Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:42:32 +0000 To: brian.in.evans@hotmail.com

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