The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

They say the longest journey
is the one you take into yourself.
I promised myself at nineteen
that I would take
the long way home
not knowing at the time
exactly what that might mean.
So, I’ve traveled
over the last fifty years.
the winding roads inward
many times over
and I’ve discovered
new things to know
every single time.

One of the things I’ve learned
is ‘as without, so within,
likewise, as within so without.’
and I’ve learned that living
can be divided into two parts—
Times to pick up
what you believe, and act
and times to put down
what you believe and learn.

Whenever I hear someone say,
“I know myself pretty well,”
I can kinda figure
what they really mean to say is,
“I know just enough about myself,
to feel comfortable with how I imagine
myself to be.”
…and I can tell there are probably
quite a few forests
they have not yet wandered wondering,
and quite a few mountains high
they have yet to cross over.

Good to know, inside we each
are as simple as a single
second of silence
yet at the same time
as vast as all the sea of stars at night
and just as full of mystery.
If you don’t spend
a fair amount of time,
in a state of wonder,
like a young child
you’ve likely got a ways
yet to wander.
Put down your preconceptions
and set your sails as high as you can.
Grand and uncharted
the sea awaits you, my friend.

Dewey Dirks


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